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Melbourne’s first plastic box rental company has your needs covered.

The Nestii goal is to provide you with the best box rental system for each and every move. When we rent our boxes to you will give them to you in weekly periods to allow plenty of time to have your items packed. 

If you have a small move then 1 week can be a easy hire period but if you are looking to hire 40-50 or more then we suggest looking at the 2 week hire period to allow for a week either side of your move. 

For larger orders then 100 or if there is a shortage of boxes on your given dates then please call us direct on 0404326730 to speak with our team. 


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Not sure of what package? Looking to hire custom amounts?

See below for the options of the smaller boxes that you might want to hire. All hire periods have a minimum fee of $75.00 for 1 week. 



Made my moving experience so easy! Was a delight to use these boxes which are environmentally friendly, stackable and lightweight. Saved me so much time organising cardboard boxes. Will definitely use again and recommend to others 🙂

This is the best sustainable option for moving boxes!! Mel and Pete are fantastic to work with, they’re flexible and respond quickly. We’ve use the boxes multiple times for different family members, they stack perfectly, seal securely and are so convenient!! Thank you again 🙂

Very responsive team and professional. Good quality, stackable boxes that made us move our things easier. They were recommended to me by a friend and I surely recommend them now.

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T: 0413489606

E: Bestii@nestii.com.au