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Not sure about hiring boxes? Search through the information below for any extra details you might need to know about hiring your moving boxes in Melbourne. If there isn’t enough detail there then please click on the blue button on the left corner for instant messaging with our Nestii team. 

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What is the benefit of using plastic rental boxes from Nestii?

We deliver the boxes to your home or office, and then pick them up. All our boxes come pre-assembled and ready to pack and stack! Because you’re hiring rather than buying, our boxes will save you time, effort and importantly the impact on the environment.

Are the boxes safe to move?

Our boxes are ergonomically designed with integrated handles on both ends and interlocking lids for safety and security. Our boxes are made from durable plastic making them highly suited for transport. Please read our ‘How to Use our Boxes’ section for more information.

What happens if I loose or break your boxes?

If a box is lost, stolen or damaged by the hirer or an external removal company, Nestii will charge the hirer a fee of $20.00 inclusive per box as a replacement cost. We strongly recommend that you count each box upon delivery, during transportation and at the completion of your move. We will allow usual wear-and-tear to occur to our boxes during your move. Any issues then please call us direct and we will review the situation. 

Can I extend my hire period?

Yes. If you require our boxes a little longer then your first initial order, that’s fine. Please give us a call as soon as possible and we can typically accommodate extensions at an additional cost. Don’t be ashamed you couldn’t unpack in time or force yourself to do it. We will always be happy to help you through the situation as moving house is stressful enough.

How do I know what time my boxes will be delivered and picked up?

The Nestii team takes this very serious as it isn’t like we can just slide your boxes into your letterbox. Our team will run the schedule every afternoon prior to the next days deliveries. From there you will receive text message updates with the time of arrival. This is very accurate and if there are any delays on the day due to unforseen circumstances then you will receive further automatic updates. You can also check in with our box rental team and they will help too.

Is delivery and pickup included in the price?

Yes. Our delivery includes drop-off and pickup of any Nestii supplies that have been ordered. This is free if you are within 30km of Mentone. If you are outside of this range then we will discuss this fee with you directly.

The Easiest Way to Move your things

The time has come to move home or office and what better way to start then move then to have some Nestii Boxes delivered straight to your door. Just select the dates you need and you will have a Bestii come and drop them off and collect when your finished. The rental boxes we use have been in rotation for years and still to this date show no signs of of slowing down. This is why it is such a better plan then using cardboard. Firstly, they stack amazingly. Secondly, there is no tape needed and last of all, your furniture removalists will love them which in turn will speed up your move making it cheaper for you.

1. You Schedule

2. We Deliver Boxes

3. We Pickup when your finished

4. Celebrate!! You saved some trees.

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